World Languages Institute

World Languages Institute

Fort Worth Independent School District

Fort Worth, TX
Grades 6-12
Principal: Marie-Lise Mosbeux
World Languages Institute


Latino/ Hispanic
Black/ African American
Students Meeting Low-income Criteria
Students With Disabilities
English Language Learners

All expectations are high expectations at the World Languages Institute (WLI) in the Fort Worth Independent School District. At this two-time America’s Best School Award Winner, all courses are either honors, accelerated, advanced placement, or dual enrollment. All the students develop proficiency in English and Spanish. (Many social studies and science classes are taught in Spanish, even to students who never spoke Spanish before coming to WLI). Many students pursue a third language: either Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, French, German, or American Sign Language. Many of the students earn the Seal of Bilingualism/Biliteracy. It is important to note, however, that failure rates at WLI are remarkably low. Teachers have recognized the importance of providing students abundant support to help ensure that almost all students achieve outstanding successes in courses and extra-curricular activities, graduate, and proceed to post-secondary opportunities. The combination of high expectations and high support lead students to love their school. Students recognize that they are being prepared to be leaders who will have great opportunities to transform their lives, their communities, and their world.

World Languages Institute


2020, 2021,2022 100% Graduation rate

2022 42 seniors over 5 million in scholarships

2022 46% AP scholars – 98% College, Career, Military Readiness,

2021 State Distinction Received – 96% of students met passing criteria on at least 1 AP exam

2021 89% of students qualified for UT Austin Dual Enrollment credits in at least one course. -90% Algebra I, 91% Biology, 94% English I, 93% English II and 96% US History for high school state assessments. 

UIL -Student group earned 2nd place at Regionals in Literary Criticism and 1 student earned 2nd place in Literary Criticism in the individual Regional UIL competition. 

Congressional Gold Medalist

Whiz Quiz District Champion (2020), Runner-Up (2021), Finalist (2023)

District FAFSA Champion and MVP

AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

Spelling Bee, Fort Worth ISO Area Winner

2018,2023 America’s Best Schools Award Winner

Concourse Village Elementary School
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