Preliminary Administrative Services Credential


Engaged, Inspired, and Successful Learners are those who see connections between their academic and personal performance as a student and their educational, civic, social, and familial aspirations and responsibilities.
An Equity-Driven School Leader insists that gaps in opportunities to learn are eliminated by creating the conditions necessary for all students to set goals and achieve in school and in life.


San Diego State University, in conjunction with the National Center for Urban School Transformation, is pleased to offer a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program. This program will provide you with educational leadership skills and knowledge through a variety of coursework and field experiences that are tied to the California Administrator Performance Expectations (CAPEs). Fieldwork experiences will provide you with opportunities to apply new skills, and you will be supervised by university instructors along with your site supervisor.

The Department of Educational Leadership offers two options leading to the California preliminary administrative services credential:


The MA in PK-12 Educational Leadership requires students to complete coursework required for the administrative credential plus nine additional units related to research and the completion of an action research project.


The Credential Only option is three semesters with an MA degree option to those needing an MA degree.


  • Internationally acclaimed program faculty who are both educational leaders and teacher-scholars
  • Evening and/or weekend class meetings blended with online learning components
  • Classes are conveniently offered off-campus.
  • Cohort model
  • Opportunities to present before district-level leaders from numerous districts
  • Collaborate with proven site and district leaders that have demonstrated Equity- driven leadership


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • CA Clear Credential
  • Verification of Passing CBEST Scores
  • 4 years of credentialed experience
  • GRE scores (MA applicants only)
  • CSU and department applications


ItemDue Date
Cal State Apply application (opens October 1 each year)February 1, 2023
Interfolio program applicationMarch 1, 2023
 Official transcripts dueMarch 1, 2023


To begin the financial aid process, visit the university’s financial aid web page:

This will give you online access to the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have any questions regarding the financial aid process, please call on weekdays from 10am to 3pm at (619) 594-6323 or click the button below.


Semester 1 (Summer 2023)

This course introduces concepts, attributes, and characteristics of leadership associated with the challenging contexts of various educational environments. Students are introduced to the importance of vision and the process for developing, sustaining and communicating that vision to achieve higher student achievement by actively and meaningfully including stakeholders.

This course address the essential role of the principal as an instructional leader. Data-Driven decision making, professional learning communities, curriculum and instructional issues, and leading diverse schools in efforts to improve student achievement and closing the achievement gap are emphasized.

Semester 2 (Fall 2023)

This course provides an opportunity for aspiring administrators to learn how to work effectively with families and community members; recognize the goals and aspirations of diverse families; respond to diverse community interests and needs; and mobilize community resources in the service of student achievement.

Model professional growth development. Principles of adult learning; identify and facilitate appropriate professional growth opportunities for staff. Collaboration with others to achieve mission of improving teaching and learning.

This course serves as an orientation to the program and an introduction to field experience. Students will access their own school data to make instructional and curriculum decisions for improving student achievement.

Work begun in the Fall semester of EDL 660 will continue, and candidates will participate in a second 3-day shadowing experience.

Semester 3 (Spring 2024)

This course focuses on various management issues relative to school leadership, including an understanding of legal and financial principles important to the functions of school and district administrators.

This capstone course synthesizes concepts and field experiences from previous courses and emphasizes how school leaders develop school cultures conducive to collaboration and a collective sense of responsibility for student learning.  Specific strategies in communication, decision-making, problem solving, and conflict management relative to the visionary leader as a systems thinker are explored.

This course introduces aspiring administrators to various models of supervision and evaluation in elementary and secondary schools.  Emphasis is placed on a blending of practical application and well-grounded conceptual understanding.  The concepts of supervision and coaching as processes for leading and directing change and school improvement are emphasized.

Work begun in the Fall semester of EDL 660 will continue, and candidates will participate in a second 3-day shadowing experience.

Master's Degree Additional Courses

Semester 4 (Summer 2024)

Procedures for gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing information; reviewing the literature; designing studies. Section selection to be made with department graduate adviser.

Semester 5 (Fall 2024)

An intensive study in selected areas of education culminating in a written project. Limited to students following Plan B for the Master of Arts degree in education.

An intensive study in selected areas of education culminating in a written project. Limited to students following Plan B for the Master of Arts degree in education.

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