What Educators Should Know about Schools that Achieve Equity & Excellence

San Diego County Office of Education’s Equity Conference 2020

January 16, 2020

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2018 America’s Best Urban Schools Symposium Pictures

2018 America’s Best Urban Schools Awards Winners

August 7, 2019 – Applications available for the 2020 ABUS Awards.

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May 11-13, 2020 – America’s Best Urban Schools Symposium

The transformation of our nation’s urban schools is too important and too complex to depend on fads or quick fixes. For over a decade, NCUST has celebrated and studied urban schools that achieve excellent results for all student groups.  We have reported findings and supported schools and districts in pursuing similar outstanding results.

Urban School Demographics and Outcomes

 Urban Schools in the US
 Public Schools in the US
 English language learners
 Attend schools with over 50% poverty
 Urban school students
Urban school students not proficient in reading
 Urban school students not proficient in math

America’s Best Urban Schools: Proof that Excellence is Possible!

America’s best urban schools are typical urban schools that achieve atypical results – proving that, despite the challenges, excellence and equity are possible in urban education. Where these very successful schools differ in size, school enrollment characteristics, grade-level configurations, expenditures, and other factors, they share impressive similarities in the structures and practices they employ to support all groups of students toward high levels of achievement.

America’s best urban schools foster school cultures in which all stakeholders feel safe, valued, cared for, and respected. They provide all students access to rigorous, standards-based curricula, and they plan and deliver initial instruction that is more likely to lead their students to mastery. They configure programs and services in ways that meet students’ needs. And, they build and implement a coherent system of interdependent structures designed to support continuous improvement.

The educators in America’s best urban schools are not superheroes. They are teams of teachers and leaders who believe in their collective capacity to make a powerful difference in the lives of students.


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