Administrative Services
Clear Credential Program

San Diego State University, in conjunction with the National Center for Urban School Transformation, is pleased to offer a California Administrative Services Clear Credential program. This exciting program, fully accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, offers novice administrators professional development grounded in the real work of the schools and districts they serve and informed by the leadership, structures, and practices found in America’s highest performing schools.

Our two-year induction program is designed to provide novice administrators with individualized, job-embedded support and guidance through a blended model of one-on-one expert coaching, monthly principals’ network meetings, and rich professional learning opportunities. This combination of supports will offer new leaders both confidential growth opportunities addressing specific learning goals and needs with an experienced leader, as well as opportunities to engage in non-competitive collective learning with peers who are facing similar work situations.


  • One-on-one coaching provided monthly by an experienced administrator coach. 
  • Monthly participation in a virtual network with other novice administrators (designed to support leadership growth and development as participants learn from, support, and challenge one another). Network meetings are rotated amongst the participants’ schools with agendas that highlight alignment of the CA Professional Standards for Educational Leaders and NCUST research concerning high-performing urban schools.
  • Job-embedded professional development with each novice administrator identifying a real problem of practice in their schools/districts, articulating measurable goals for its resolution, and creating and implementing a plan of action.
  • Rich opportunities to learn directly from administrators leading high-performing urban schools through attendance at the NCUST America’s Best Urban Schools Virtual Symposium and guided visits to NCUST’s award-winning schools.
  • The entire program can be completed virtually. Candidates who serve as administrators in California schools can benefit from the network meetings, 1:1 coaching, and other program components, without traveling to San Diego.




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