Educational Equity &
Excellence Audits


Since 2005, NCUST has been identifying, celebrating, and studying outstanding elementary, middle, and high schools that achieve excellent learning results for every demographic group served. Our Educational Equity and Excellence Audit utilizes many of the same protocols we use to identify the recipients of our America’s Best Urban Schools Award. The audit process enables us to to help educators see how their school is similar to and different from schools that achieve outstanding learning results for all demographic groups.

Concourse Village Elementary School

Why an Equity & Excellence Audit?

Learn how policies, programs, and practices at your school are similar to or different from what we have found in schools where all demographic groups achieve outstanding results. Get specific recommendations that could help chart a course for improving educational outcomes for the various demographic groups served at your school.

What Issues Are Addressed?

Our equity and excellence audits provide an in-depth assessment of school culture, curricula, and instruction based on on-site observations and interviews with students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators. We examine the elements that could contribute to a comprehensive system for ensuring educational success for all students.


Audits are often completed within two days with a comprehensive report delivered within two weeks following the site visit. 


Prices vary based on the size of the school and applicable travel costs for NCUST personnel. Pricing may start from $8,400. Click on Contact Us below to begin improving your school’s educational outcomes for all demographic groups served. 


We look forward to answering your questions and exploring how we might support your improvement efforts.

Concourse Village Elementary School
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