San Diego State University and the National Center for Urban School Transformation have partnered together to provide a new professional certificate program that aims to support and recognize school leaders for their work advancing equity in education. Successful completion of the certificate program allows access to SDSU’s doctorate program. Candidates in this 10-month program will earn our Leadership Certificate by demonstrating the attainment of a specific, objective target that advances equity and excellence for students served at their school.


NCUST Executive Coaches provide courses based on key lessons learned through our study of high-performing schools and provide each candidate one-on-one coaching designed to maximize the likelihood that their school achieves the approved target. 

These key lessons are highlighted in the three required texts participants will be reading throughout the course.


Advancing Teaching Practices in Pursuit of Equity and Excellence

  1. Establish the why: NCUST History
  2. Establish what: 8 Teaching Practices and 4 Leadership Challenges
  3. Establish the how: Designing your Equity and Excellence Project (EEP)
Understanding Teaching Practices (part 1)
Understanding Teaching Practices (part 2)

Advancing Leadership Practices in Pursuit of Equity and Excellence

  1. Establish a project.
  2. Explain elements to sustain change
  3. Share the 4 Leadership Challenges.
Explain and practice “Affirmative Feedback.”

Advancing School Culture In Pursuit Of Equity And Excellence

  1. Share participant’s EEP practices to build a culture of data as a means to develop student agency
  2. Discuss EEP’s process to ensure students are valued and heard as we support their academic and social-emotional needs
  3. What are the EEP’s strategies to dramatically increase teacher collaboration to improve the engagement and achievement of students within the classroom
  1. How EEP’s are establishing shared values 
  2. Methods of EEP fostering a culture of growth and improvement
  3. How EEP is maintaining high expectations for students while developing meaningful relationships


Concourse Village Elementary School
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