Hanna Early College High School

Hannah Early College High School

Brownsville Independent School District

Brownsville. TX
Grades 9-12
Principal: Blanca Lambarri


Latino/ Hispanic
Students Meeting Low-income Criteria
Students With Disabilities
English Language Learners

Hanna Early College High School is the Flagship of Brownsville Independent School District. It has a rich cultural heritage with generations of well-educated graduates who have and are pursuing higher educational opportunities becoming responsible citizens in our changing global society. Students attending Hanna are encouraged to enroll in a variety of Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) or dual enrollment courses. The 2023 graduating class will have fifty-three (53) students graduate with a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree. The school is working to increase this number as they support incoming 8th graders to take and pass the college qualifying test in the spring. Teachers collaborate daily. They take turns modeling lessons and strategies they use, analyze data from a variety of assessments to determine where students are and where weak areas are evident so that instruction can be spiraled. Hanna has a tradition of excellence and an atmosphere of collaboration.

Hanna Early College High School


2017  Washington Post rated Homer Hanna as a “Most Challenging High School in the Nation”

2019-20 Educational Results Partnership Honor Roll School

2018-2019 and 2021-2022 7 Distinction Designation from the Texas Education Agency. The ONLY high school in Brownsville ISD to obtain all 7 designations.

2018-19 Voted the Brownsville Herald’s “Favorite High School” Reader’s Choice Award

2020/2023 NCUST America’s Best School Award

Homer Hanna students have won distinction in band, visual arts, choir, dance team, theater, Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps, science fair competitions, history fair competitions, chess team competitions, and various athletic competitions.

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