Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School

Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School

Socorro Independent School District

El Paso. TX
Grades 6-8
Principal: Lisa Estrada-Batson


Black/ African American
Students Meeting Low-income Criteria
Students With Disabilities
English Language Learners

Students at Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School have access to a variety of resources tailored to their needs. School counselors are available to students, parents, and staff throughout the day, providing social-emotional support and assisting with setting high academic, college, and career goals for the future. The campus nurse serves our students, staff, and community by ensuring safe practices in all medical-related topics, issues, and preventatives.

Teachers at Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School understand the importance and correlation between the lesson cycle (Tier 1 instruction) and student success. When creating mini-lessons, teachers explicitly teach and model what students will produce during independent practice. Teachers conference with students during this practice to provide meaningful feedback, helping them revise their work to meet or exceed performance standards. Students are challenged to think critically and apply their learning to real-world problems by incorporating reading, writing, focused note-taking, synthesizing, listening, and speaking across all content areas.

Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School


Recipient of Texas Schools to Watch Distinction for the 2022-2023 School Year 

Interim STAAR results comparisons show all tested contents and grade levels have increased student achievement from 22-23 school year 

  • 5th math: 27.5% to 40% 
  • 7th Math: 23.2% to 25.1% 
  • Algebra 1: 20.2% to 39.3% 
  • 5th Reading Language Arts (RLA): 37.9% to 39.8% 
  • 7th RLA: 35.5% to 45.1% 
  • 8th RLA: 32.1% to .52% 
  • 8th Science: 15.7% to 24.2% 


Orchestra Bass Player in top 2 for region 19 (Orchestra)

Clarinet player 5 clarinet in city-all region (Band) 

Band received a 1 for Socorro ISO UIL (Band) 

Band Received Excellent Performance UIL 

40 students participated in solo and ensemble for district

Excellent rating for SISD and UIL ratings for Orchestra

30 students participated in solo and ensemble for Orchestra

2nd place for “Dia de Los Muertos” Art Show 

Art department received superintendent in the 22-23 school year

Throwdown champions (Drumline)

Best bass, best tenor, best cymbal, and fan favorite 22-23 (Drumline)

Throwdown champions, best snare, best cymbal, best bass, and fan favorite 23-24 (Drumline)

5 time champions (Drumline)

Concourse Village Elementary School
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