Dr. Americo Paredes Elementary School

Dr. Americo Paredes Elementary School

Brownsville Independent School District

Brownsville. TX
Grades PK-5
Principal: Felipe Barrera


Students Meeting Low-income Criteria
Students With Disabilities
English Language Learners

Staff at Paredes Elementary are committed to ensuring equitable access to rigorous and challenging curricula for all students, regardless of their academic level or individual needs. Teachers use differentiated instruction techniques to tailor their teaching methods to accommodate various learning styles and abilities within the same classroom. The school provides an Extended Day Program after school for two hours daily. Students can participate in reading activities, computers (Chess, Sports, iStation, Think Through Math, and SumDog), physical activity, and homework help. Paredes Elementary has a nationally recognized Chess program in which students (PreK – 5th) participate with distinction at the local, regional, state, and national levels.

Paredes Elementary School prioritizes creating a positive and inclusive learning environment where every student feels welcome and supported. Students are greeted every morning as they come into the school. Every classroom provides a safe welcoming, print-rich environment. It is evident that both adults and students care about each other. The students enjoy coming to school, as evidenced by their attendance rate of 98%, the highest in the district. The school prioritizes a student-centered approach, incorporating feedback, innovative teaching methods, and professional development for educators. Teachers co-plan and develop collaborative lesson plans, sharing ideas and best practices.

Dr. Americo Paredes Elementary School


Student Achievement: Paredes Elementary earned a remarkable score of 90 out of 100 in Student Achievement, highlighting the students’ strong academic performance.

School Progress: The school excelled in School Progress, scoring 96 out of 100, demonstrating consistent advancements and growth.

Closing the Gaps: Paredes Elementary received a noteworthy score of 96 out of 100 in Closing the Gaps, indicating a commitment to addressing disparities and ensuring educational equity for all students.

The school is projected to maintain its stellar performance, with expectations of earning an “A” rating across all three domains and securing all six distinctions for the 2022·2023 school year. Notably, the data reveals consistent improvements in all areas for the second consecutive year.

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