Charles Stillman
Middle School

Charles Stillman Middle School

Brownsville Independent School District

Brownsville. TX
Grades 6-8
Principal: Sandra K. Cortez


Students Meeting Low-income Criteria
Students With Disabilities
English Language Learners

Stillman Middle School ensures all students have access to a rigorous curriculum in every subject. Several of their 8th-grade students conclude their middle school years with high school credit by passing their End-of-Course (EOC) Biology and English 1 high school state exams at an impressive 100% rate. 

At Stillman MS, teachers are observed on a rotating basis by administrators through walkthroughs and formal observations, receiving feedback to improve lessons, student engagement, and differentiation. The instructional coach meets with each grade level to ensure that lessons are tiered and differentiated to meet the needs of below-grade-level, above-grade-level, special needs, and English learners in each subject area.

The administrative team, counselors, and instructional coach collaborate to help 6th-grade students acclimate to the middle school schedule, transitioning to several teachers and classrooms. As students progress to grades 7 and 8, teachers continue to challenge them with engaging, student-centered lessons that effectively increase literacy across the curricula and enhance numeracy by incorporating math skills in science and elective courses.

Charles Stillman Middle School


Battle of the Books Champions for the District (promotes reading by all students grades 6-8)

 3rd place Battle of the Books Champion for the Region

Ms. Celia Lord was awarded the “Classified Personnel of the Year” for our district which consists of 52 campuses.

STAAR scores ranked Stillman MS as #1 in the district among 10 middle schools in almost every area.

Chess Team Champions 6) Destination Imagination Champions

Various Athletic Championships

Civics Bee -Stillman MS competitors showcase their knowledge of civics and the importance of civic engagement within our community.

100% passing on the English I E0C state exam

100% passing on the Biology I E0C state exam

History Fair -District, State, and National Winners

Texas Science and Engineering Fair -various students and teams at district and regional winners, and one State Winner

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