New NCUST Executive Director

Francisco Escobido

The National Center for Urban School Transformation is pleased to announce that Dr. Francisco Escobedo will become the Center’s new Executive Director as of September 1, 2021. For the past 10 years, Dr. Escobedo has served as superintendent of the Chula Vista Elementary School District, one of California’s most successful urban districts. Chula Vista (located between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico) has earned more NCUST America’s Best Urban Schools Awards than any other school district in California. In 2020, NCUST recognized Dr. Escobedo with the Center’s Ron Edmonds Award for leadership that has advanced educational equity and excellence.

Joseph Johnson, NCUST’s founding Executive Director is retiring from the role after 16 years. “It’s hard to imagine a better choice for NCUST than Francisco Escobedo,” said Johnson, who will stay on with NCUST on a part-time basis as an executive coach. “To put it succinctly, he gets it. He believes that we can create schools where all demographic groups of students achieve at high levels of success. He knows we can create schools where all students can be taught in a way that leads them to love learning.”

The Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) serves approximately 30,000 students, approximately 60% of whom meet low-income criteria, are classified as English learners, or receive foster care. Almost 90% are students of color. At the same time, the district outperforms statewide averages in mathematics and English achievement. As well, the district has achieved acclaim related to student success in the arts, music, and physical education. Johnson explained, “NCUST is fortunate to have a new Executive Director who not only understands and values our mission, but who also has lived our mission in his work in an urban district. Dr. Escobedo is committed to supporting schools and districts as they work to ensure educational equity and excellence for every student.”

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Francisco Escobedo to the NCUST team!

Concourse Village Elementary School
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