Earn the National Principal Certificate for Equity and Excellence

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Be among the first in your district to earn the National Principal Certificate for Equity and Excellence! Like National Board Teacher Certification, few individuals have earned this distinction. 


Set a meaningful target for improving outcomes for one or more diverse groups of students at your school.


Receive a full year of class support and one-on-one coaching support tailored to help you achieve the target you establish for your school. 


Learn with a cohort of principals who share a commitment to advancing equity and excellence.  Be part of a professional learning community of equity-driven principals.


Complete the program virtually.  All class sessions and all one-on-one coaching sessions can be accessed online.  To the greatest extent possible, meeting dates and times are designed to accommodate all program participants.


Interact with principals and other leaders from elementary, middle, and high schools that won the America’s Best Urban Schools Award.  Enjoy multiple opportunities to learn from principals who transformed their schools and achieved impressive results for students of color, English learners, and students from low-income families.


Participate in a program that is 100% relevant to your school!  Each task and each conversation is designed to build your capacity to achieve the target you establish for your school.


Learn from the National Center for Urban School Transformation’s 16-year history of identifying, awarding, and studying schools that achieve outstanding results for all demographic groups.


Receive personalized support from NCUST Executive Coaches who have been successful principals AND who have helped other principals succeed!


Prove to yourself that you are, indeed, an equity champion!  The only individuals who earn the certificate are principals who have demonstrated success in advancing equity in their schools.


Concourse Village Elementary School
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