Congratulations and New Beginnings!

Joseph F. Johnson Jr., Ph.D.

We, at NCUST, thank and congratulate educators throughout the nation for enduring a most challenging and frustrating 14 months. Millions of children benefitted from the dedicated efforts of teachers, counselors, social workers, cafeteria workers, principals, support staff, district administrators, and volunteers who invested time, heart, and energy in ways that far exceeded any contractual obligations. Often, educators provided support when they or their family members were experiencing serious difficulties associated with physical wellbeing, personal financial situations, or social/emotional stresses. As we look forward to ending this academic year and preparing for a new one, thank you and congratulations!

Dr. Kevin Grawer, the principal of Maplewood Richmond Heights High School in St. Louis, MO (a gold-level America’s Best Urban School winner) explained that, at the end of each year, he challenges his teachers to specify what they will do during the summer to promote their professional growth in ways that will ultimately benefit their students. At NCUST, we encourage all of us to accept this challenge as we look forward to reinvigorating ourselves this summer. We encourage all of us to think deliberately about how we can maximize the likelihood that the 2021-2022 school year will be the best year for every student we have the privilege to serve. Let’s think about what each of us can do to engage and empower our students in ways that accelerate learning and help students see a brighter future for themselves. As well, let’s think about what we can do for ourselves, so we are prepared to enter the new academic year with a renewed sense of purpose, urgency, and determination.

Concourse Village Elementary School
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