Leadership Moves…Planning

Leadership Moves…



The teachers have common planning, so they meet every day in the war room and we discuss data. We don’t only talk about end-of-course data, but we talk about SAT and ACT and we keep track of all our students. We highlight where everyone is. What are we doing? What do the students need? Do we need to call parents? We all look at attendance. Our goal is 96 percent average daily attendance…

One of the questions posed to us is, “Why the war room? Why not the situation room? Why not this? Why not that?” When our military goes to battle, there’s a room that they call the war room. In that room, they strategize and come up with ideas. “We’re going to come in from this side. We’re going to come in from that side.” They come up with their interventions and that’s exactly what we do in that room with our teachers. We’re in a war. We’re in a battle for the education of each individual child. The ultimate goal is to get them to graduate. And together, along with the teacher, that’s what we’re doing. We’re winning – one goal, one mind, one child at a time.

Rose Longoria
James Pace Early College High School
Brownsville, TX

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