Five Practices for Improving the Success of Latino Students


Five Practices for Improving the Success of Latino Students: A Guide for Secondary School Leaders

Christina Theokas, Mary L. Gonzalez, Consuelo Manriquez, Joseph F. Johnson, Jr.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Five Practices for Improving the Success of Latino Students Book Cover
Based on the work of real leaders and educators in high-performing urban schools across the country, this book unpacks five key practices that are integral to improving achievement and postsecondary outcomes for Latino students. These inspiring stories affirm that excellence and equity are possible when educators come together around an important purpose and focus on the needs, strengths, and interests of all their students. Full of specific examples and guidance, each chapter also includes an assessment tool designed to help school leaders reflect upon their current practices, affirm school strengths that resemble the exemplary practices described in the chapters, and help educators pinpoint opportunities to strengthen practices in ways that can improve the postsecondary readiness of their students. This important book will help leaders create a positive school culture, coherent school design, and develop the practices and policies that support Latino students in their performance and help students realize their potential.

About the Authors

Christina Theokas, Ph.D. is Director of Research at the National Center for Urban School Transformation at San Diego State University, USA.

Mary L. González, Ed.D has 28 years of experience in public education. She recently retired from the San Diego County Office of Education as a Program Specialist, overseeing the Migrant Education Program in various school districts in North San Diego County, USA.

Consuelo Manriquez, Ed.D. is Associate Director of Communications and Operations at Darnall Charter School in San Diego, USA.

Joseph F. Johnson, Jr., Ph.D., is Interim Provost and Executive Vice President, Executive Director of the National Center for Urban School Transformation, and the QUALCOMM Professor of Urban Education at San Diego State University, USA.


“In this compelling new book, practical insights and suggestions for supporting the education of Latino students are offered and supported with evidence. For educators who are searching for strategies to improve the academic performance of Latino students, this book could not be more timely. We are living at a time when immigrant students generally, and Latino students specifically, are increasingly under attack and scrutiny. For this reason, this book will be an invaluable resource who seek to use education to make a difference.”
―Pedro A. Noguera, Distinguished Professor of Education, UCLA, USA

“This book offers hope for school leaders who are truly dedicated to the education of ALL students. It offers specific strategies and examples from schools around the United States who are truly meeting the needs of Latino students and making good on the promise of equality.”
―Anthony Muhammad, Author and Educational Consultant, New Frontier 21, USA


Preview a sample of the book here!


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