E. A. “Squatty” Lyons Elementary School

E. A. “Squatty” Lyons Elementary School

Houston Independent School District

Houston, Texas

Grades: EE – 5

2017 America’s Best Urban School Award Winner


yon’s Elementary School is located in the Houston Independent School District and serves 1,006 students in grades pre-K through fifth grade. One of the most notable aspects of Lyons is its positive school climate that emphasizes building connections among families, school, teachers, and students. Educators and parents work together as partners to create opportunities for their children to develop emotional and academic competencies. Parent involvement is visible throughout the school and teachers, parents, and students participate together in lots of events including Meet the Teacher, Open House, Grandparents’ Day Breakfast, literacy, math and science nights, and many more including daily volunteer opportunities. As well as focusing on climate, educators are diligent about planning and utilizing research-based instructional practices in their classrooms. They begin planning by collecting various types of student data to organize their instruction and to help students set goals that are posted on their work tables. Collected data is frequently updated and is made available for reference in the form of a data binder as well as posted on a wall for students and administrators to see.

Lyons Elementary Website

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