Wildflower Elementary School

Colorado Springs, CO

Grades: K-5

2018 America’s Best Urban Schools Award Winner


Wildflower Wildcats benefit from a dynamic educational environment focused on enhancing social skills, students’ dreams and aspirations and access to rigorous standards to “increase learning for all.” All stakeholders know and understand their role in achieving the mission and contributing to the school vision. Communication is purposeful and designed to be inclusive; appreciation of diversity and ensuring equity for all students is the goal. Teachers are departmentalized and students are grouped to differentiate and tier instruction to fill gaps and help guide students to their maximum potential. Teachers utilize the Understanding by Design process to break down and plan instruction. Teachers believe in continuous improvement and using data to help keep them focused and to support a system for immediate intervention. Students also have the opportunity to work at a higher grade level if they have mastered grade-level concepts. And, the school has a Genius Hour for project-based learning opportunities. As well, students have extensive extracurricular opportunities to expand their passions through clubs including art, cheerleading, coding, science, honor choir, intramurals, tech club and more. Staff want students to be happy in the learning environment and have ownership over their learning.


Wildflower Elementary School Website

Wildflower Elementary School Demographics

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