James Pace Early College High School

Brownsville, TX

Grades: DL 9 – 12

2016 America’s Best Urban Schools Award Winner

Pace Early College High School was an ABUS award winner in 2016, but NCUST has continued to study and learn about their systems and practices as they have continued to develop their program to ensure each student has a chance to go to college if they desire. Pace’s motto, “Educate students, graduate leaders, empower community” comes to life when you step on campus. Students are actively engaged in their classes and want to tell you what they are learning about. However, students are also going out into the community and doing internships in local businesses to explore their interests or engaging in community service to give back. It is a large, comprehensive high school but no student or teachers gets left behind. They are a “family” and work together in department and grade level teams to ensure students’ needs are met, using ongoing formative and benchmark assessments to track their progress. They focus on first, best instruction, using the Common Instructional Framework, but if intervention is needed, it occurs quickly and seamlessly. The master schedule is developed around student needs and interests, so students can meet high academic goals, but also engage in opportunities and activities that develop their passions and set them on their postsecondary path.


Pace High School Website

Enrollment 2,034
Free/Reduced Lunch100%
Pace High School Data Wall
James Pace High School Data Wall

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