Bonnie Brae Elementary School

Fort Worth, TX

Grades: PK-5

2018 America’s Best Urban Schools Award Winner


Bonnie Brae Elementary School in the Fort Worth Independent School District has been on an upward improvement trajectory over the last several years. Their goal is to set and ensure the same high standards for all students. Teachers and administrators discuss lesson plans and share ideas throughout the school day, as well as during grade level and staff meetings. Lesson plans are reviewed on a weekly basis by administrators and three sets of lesson plans receive feedback each week. This feedback helps teachers evaluate their own lesson plans and increase rigor in their classrooms. This process is also used as a tool to check lesson plan alignment to standards and student outcomes. The campus makes every effort to limit students being pulled unnecessarily from class and core instruction. Every classroom teacher holds a daily zero hour from 8:00- 8:45 am. This is a time to reteach and hold interventions with students. Struggling students are pulled in small groups, allowing them additional time to master the curriculum with teacher support.


Bonnie Brae Elementary School Website

Bonnie Brae Elementary School
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