Teaching Practices from America’s Best Urban Schools
Applied to Online Learning

Teaching Practices from America's Best Urban Schools Second Edition Book Cover

Are you and your colleagues committed to providing equitable and excellent teaching and learning EVEN in virtual learning environments?

Be a part of this webinar series based on the best practices of educators who have achieved outstanding learning results for all demographic groups.

Learn how best practices can be integrated into online learning approaches!

Join us for Session 3

“Why Didn’t You Just Tell Us What You Wanted Us to Learn?”
Promoting Clarity through Online Learning

October 21st at 10:00am (PT)

In schools where all demographic groups of students achieve outstanding learning results, teachers ensure that students develop clarity about intended learning outcomes. Teachers use words, images, objects, and interactions to represent important lesson ideas. As well, they organize lessons logically so students know what they should understand and students can gauge their learning progress.

Session 2

Teaching for Coverage vs. Teaching for Understanding:
Focusing on Understanding and Mastery through Online Learning

September 23rd at 10:00am (PT)

A focus on understanding and mastery is quite different from a focus on coverage that may be observed more typically. In many schools, teachers feel driven to cover the lesson associated with a pacing guide or a scope and sequence chart. Teachers in high-performing schools were passionate about ensuring that students acquired deep levels of understanding and mastery. of the concepts and skills taught. Teachers meticulously planned lessons to lead each and every student to mastery of the lesson objectives. Teachers worked relentlessly, not simply to present lessons, but to ensure that all students mastered the essential concepts and skills associated with the lessons. Throughout lessons, teachers carefully monitored what students understood related to the lesson objective and sometimes adjusted lesson designs midstream in order to increase the likelihood that every student achieved mastery.

This session will help educators learn how online instruction can be implemented in ways that maximize a focus on understanding and mastery for each and every student.

Session 1

Leading All Students to Feel Valued & Capable Through Online Learning

August 20th, 2020 at 10:00am (PT)

Through 15 years of identifying, awarding, and studying schools that achieve excellent and equitable learning results, the National Center for Urban School Transformation has found that Black, Latinx, low-income, and other diverse groups of students are much more likely to achieve outstanding learning results when teachers design instruction in ways that lead all students to feel valued and capable. In this session, learn practical strategies for ensuring that all your students are likely to thrive in online learning environments.

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