Since 2005, NCUST has been identifying, celebrating, and studying outstanding elementary, middle, and high schools that achieve excellent learning results for every demographic group served.
Is Your School Generating High Levels of Success for All of the Diverse Populations Served?

Are You Implementing Practices Similar to Those Found in High-Performing Schools That Achieve Remarkable Results for African American, Latino, Low-Income, and English Learner Populations?

What Adjustments Might You Make That Could Accelerate Gap Closing and Promote Better Learning for All Students?

Find the Answers to These Questions through an

Educational Equity & Excellence Audit

Why an Equity & Excellence Audit? Learn how policies, programs, and practices at your school are similar to or different from what we have found in schools where all demographic groups achieve outstanding results.

What Issues Are Addressed? Our equity and excellence audits provide an in-depth assessment of school culture, curricula, and instruction based on on-site observations and interviews with students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators. We examine the elements that could contribute to a comprehensive system for ensuring educational success for all students.

When? Often the audit can occur in two days with a report delivered the following week.

How to Learn More? Call NCUST at 619-594-7905 or email

Schedule Your School for Discounted Pricing – Starting as low as $5,000*

* Price varies based on size of school and travel costs for NCUST personnel.

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