Earn the Advanced Certificate in
district Leadership for Excellence and Equity

from The National Center for Urban School Transformation & San Diego State University’s World Campus

How Is This Program Unique?

  • This program is exclusively for district leaders who supervise schools. The program prepares district leaders to apply for and earn NCUST’s Advanced Certificate in District Leadership for Excellence and Equity. To earn the Advanced Certificate each candidate must demonstrate, through measurable evidence, that they have advanced equity and excellence in one or more of the schools they supervise.
  • The program is based on research about effective district-level leadership and NCUST’s extensive study of urban schools that achieve excellent and equitable learning results and other research.
  • Courses will be led by an NCUST Executive Coach with experience supporting district leaders as they pursue excellence and equity.
  • Where participant flexibility is most beneficial, the program utilizes web-based features that allow leaders opportunities to access information when convenient. Where personal interaction is most beneficial, the program features person-to-person opportunities likely to promote professional growth.
  • To maximize impact, each participating district leader is encouraged to ensure that at least one of the school leaders they supervise is concurrently enrolled in the School Leadership for Equity and Excellence Program.
  • During each of the five courses, each participant will receive up to three one-on-one personalized video-coaching sessions with an NCUST Executive Coach.
  • Each course will include opportunities to engage with district leaders who influenced the success of schools that achieved remarkable results for every demographic group served. t.


We look forward to answering your questions and exploring how we might support your improvement efforts.

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