2023 America’s Best Schools Winner’s Checklist


Please return the completed Winner’s Packet and Vendor Information Form for the school on or before March 15, 2023.


Register other school personnel for the symposium. Also, consider registering for the pre-conference school site visits that will be held on May 3, 2023. We encourage you to register as early as possible!


Submit a student speech contest submission form with no more than five student speeches with an accompanying parent permission form. Make sure that NCUST receives these on or before April 15, 2023.


Prepare the presentation for your session at the symposium. Make sure your presentation is 25 minutes or less.

Student speech contest

NCUST is offering a special opportunity exclusively to the winners of the 2023 America’s Best Schools Award. Students at each of the award-winning schools are eligible to compete in our speech contest. Each student winner will receive a check from NCUST for $200. A school may submit up to five (5) student entries. If a school submits five (5) student entries that meet the award criteria, NCUST guarantees that at least one student will be a winner.


Students must write and deliver an original speech that responds to the prompt, “How My School Influences My Life.”
  1. Each student speech must not exceed five minutes in length.
  2. Students should be encouraged to memorize the speech. However, if written assistance is necessary, please have students hold the paper so it does not block their faces.
  3. Student speeches will be judged based on the following characteristics: clarity, organization, delivery, sincerity, use of language, and originality.
  4. Speeches must be recorded and submitted to NCUST via a USB flash drive or download link from online storage.
    • General video specs: Make sure to record in high-definition video (1920 x 1080); if you have an HD camera and it’s set to shoot video at 1080p, you’ll be fine.
    • Filming: Video should be shot against a white or single-color background if possible. If the camera is not stationary (tripod; recommended), the camera operator must maintain a still position. Most newer cameras have image stabilization, which should minimize issues. (Note: Record a few tests to ensure adequate lighting.)
    • Presentation: Position / focus the video camera such that it records you at no lower than waist level; no more, no less. We will crop it as necessary.
    • Saving Your Video: To extract the video, connect the camera to your computer and, using your camera’s software (which you should have installed on the computer), save the file as an .MP4, MPEG, .AVI or
    • .MOV file (your software may have any or all of these options, depending on whether you have a Mac or PC). Please do NOT use DVD-making software or attempt any corrections or effects with movie software.


Each submission must be accompanied by:

  • A signed permission form from the parent of each student speaker gives NCUST full rights to use the speech and the recording as NCUST deems appropriate. 
  • A submission form that lists each student speaker’s full name, and grade level.


Submissions must be received by NCUST by 5:00 pm. on April 15th.

Concourse Village Elementary School
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