Caring Enough to Know and Value Individual Students

Caring Enough to Know and Value Individual Students An excerpt from the Second Edition of Teaching Practices from America’s Best Urban Schools. Available now at all book retailers. Hattie (2009) synthesized over 800 studies of factors that influenced student achievement. He found that teacher-student relationships have a major influence on student learning, more powerful than most […]

Why Apply? A message from NCUST Executive Director Joseph F. Johnson, Jr.

Map of ABUS winners

WHY APPLY? At NCUST, it has been our honor to visit and learn from over 150 amazing schools that achieve multiple evidences of outstanding learning results for every racial/ethnic/income group of students they serve.  We look forward to recognizing, celebrating, and learning from more urban schools during this coming year. Why do we invest the […]

ABUS Spotlight – Fay Herron Elementary School

Fay Herron Elementary School North Las Vegas, NV Grades: PK-5 2018 America’s Best Urban Schools Award Winner   Fay Herron staff are dedicated to their students and “by any means necessary” will find the resources teachers need to reach their primarily low-income and Latino student population. The principal’s motto is, “If you make a decision […]